UX Testing of Ionic App

I just posted about lessons learned from UX testing my app built with Ionic.


Most of these issues are because of my own design flaws. However, there are a few points other Ionic developers might want to consider.

  • Tabs : Very surprised how this design element was meaningless to most users.
  • Modals : Ugh… These didn’t go over so well. Inexperienced users can lockup an app with modals faster than you can sneeze.
  • Toggles : I’m going to open a feature request for this. Users expect to drag toggles into their on/off states.

Awesome, thank you for the feedback! I’d like to see the toggles draggable again, too.

FYI : @maxlynch & Co. have updated the Ionic Toggles. They are now draggable.

Example : http://codepen.io/calendee/pen/JfClt

Awesome, it looks great and performs great too. Great job guys!