Using the Network Plugin Connection... How detect if a connection is really slow?

I’m using this plugin to display a webview if you’re connected to internet… But if we are connected to a wifi who dispatches a really slow connection? How we can advice to the users about this?

I mean, i know this method:

Downlink Max Speed

Returns: string

But… How can i know when a connection is slow?? What kind of data returns this method? What’s a speed connection “tolerable”?

I don’t want to have a service like:

  checkConnection(): boolean{
    if( == 'none' || == 'unknown'){
      return false;
      return true;

Because i don’t know the speed of that connection…


As far as I know there’s no pre-built solution nor magic bullet for this problem.

I think you’d have to roll your own solution, something along the lines of pinging a site and seeing how long it took.

Something like this.