Using PayPal native plugin, how to get buyer's PayPal email address?


Using PayPal native plugin linked below, how to get buyer’s PayPal email address?




Thanks so much for your reply! I’m rather new this coding, can you help out what to exactly look for in that code, as I’m a bit lost right now. Many thanks!!


You are looking at a diff of some files where payeeEmail was added - which I thought sounded a bit like what you wanted.

Here is the current version of the file:

But this makes it clear that it is for the “person that is paid”, and not payer. Also it is set on the Payment before it is executed, so more a setting of the payment.

So: Doesn’t help you at all.


Yeap, exactly. I need the PAYER’S PayPal Email, but the Payee’s (the one getting the money).

I looked at this page from PayPal, do you think I am moving in the right direction? Any ideas/advice would be awesome as I really need the payer’s PayPal email, as I’m building a marketplace app. Thanks a lot!


To be honest this isn’t something I would do in the client. So no, no idea.