Using NavParams want to hide tab but not working


  • On login button click i want to show tabs on same page (Login page) but it is not working.

  • Other thing on same page is that, there is condition on click of option , open next home page and option click passing parameter and then assigned with string property as boolean and this value will be used with hide_to to hide and show tabs

but when i assigned value into hide_to , it is changed but not reflating on [show]="!hide_to".
So let me know how can i do this , please please let me know.


There is issue with NavParams, i am passing parameter to tabs page and when assigning value
to this.hide_to = true inside constructor of tabs.ts then
ion-tab not hidding
<ion-tab [enabled]="hide_to" [root]="tab1Root" tabTitle="Setting" tabIcon="ios-cog" ></ion-tab>

and so it is issue or something else.