Using ionic pro with meteor

Is it possible to use ionic pro like the old ionic cloud with the upload etc?

my current project, i have 3 applications that all connect to meteor through using angular-meteor. As part of this, outside of the scope of the applications, there are a few files (shared collections mainly) that reside outside the application files that are accessed.

my 3 projects currently are setup as submodules on my repo and i have them connected to ionic pro projects correctly and thats all working, but because they are then rebuilt with what is in the git repo’s, they are missing these collection files.

i have tried adding them into the files fo each of these apps and grabbing them from there, but because of how they connect to the server i end up getting errors saying that i have duplicate collections defined.

i know this is little info to go off, but looking to see if anyone else may have had a similar experience and how they handled it.