Using Ionic Pro Deployement for CI / CD (Strider CI)

Hi there

Having a little conceptual trouble rightnow and wanted to see if anybody has an idea.

For a bigger IONIC3 Project we wanted to have an automated Deployment Process. We do this through the Continious Deploymtn Tool Strider-CD.

The Problem is, that through this tight coupling with GIT in the newer Versions, it is very hard to achieve the CD. Before we just did the ionic upload -command in the Deploy-Commands and everything worked. In the new Version it’s quite hard to do that, because Strider CD creates for each new Commit a new directory instance. So its impossible to “push” because there will be a discrepancy between the version on the repository and the “new” repository on the strider directory.

One posibility would be to have a separate directory and copy the stuff in the strider process to this particular directory and push from there. But this is very hard to achieve, because the whole strider process runs on a separated user for security reasons.

Hope the problem is clear and somebody could provide input.