Using ion-tabs without the navigation behavior

Is it possible to use ion-tabs without all the history navigation?
In my application, i navigate through cards/buttons/links, and on one page i need a tab to select betwen a random count of slide.
But when i try to do this

  <ion-tab *ngFor="let key of data" tabTitle="key"></ion-tab>
<!-- the content i want to display -->
<div *ngFor="let key of data">{{ data[key].name }}</div>

the application freeze, it seem to try to do a navigation on the first tab, tested with a (ionSelect)="test(key)" and the console log 600+ select.

So can we totally disable this navigation behavior? And only use the tab “as it is” ?
Or do i have to duplicate all the css, and loosing the ripple effect on android.

I sense that ion-segment may be a better fit.

Probably yes, the design on ios doesn’t match what my client wan’t tho.