Using cusom components in ion-list with ComponentFactoryResolver

I am trying to add components created with ComponentFactoryResolver to a list. The reason is that I want to create the component based on schemas for the data I am presenting, so I will have multiple different components for different data types.

   // get a reference to the list compontent in my view
   const viewContainerRef = this.list.viewContainerRef; 

   // create a string editor and add it to the list 
   // this part will be replaced by a loop over all properties in my object
   // and displaying an editor based on the editor data type
   const componentRef = this.list.createComponent(componentFactory);
   const component = (<StringEditorComponent>componentRef.instance);
      name: 'editor 1',
      readonly: false
   }, 'value 1')

On the components I add ion-item attribute to the component (as they are supposed to be used inside a list) but they render very wrong. Is there something I can do to let ionic know that these components should be treated as ion-items?

Here is a plunker to demonstrate my problems:

Turns out that it was the template that was wrong. Here is a working plunker: