Using ClassicASP (.asp) pages with Ionic

Hello , i googled and did a search and could find an answer for this. My question is , is it possible for me to use .asp pages instead of .html for Ionic ? Classic ASP pages are basically html pages but with some vbscript,javascript and mostly html. Thank you in advance.:slight_smile:

No you can’t. And you shouldn’t if you could.

You can use javascript in your html files (i guess, never tried), but i suggest you follow the regular route, because you’ll run into strange situations.

Whats the reason you want to achieve this?

Its mainly because some of the content of my pages draws data from a Microsoft Access server which can be down through ASP. I dont think you can call values from a table using Javascript sadly. Thanks for the reply though.

The best pattern (or, at least, the most common) is to build an API in application (best if it’s a REST API, delivering JSON data) and the Ionic app consume them, via javascript, and let the template engine from Angular build the output.