Using CanReuse on Pages?


We built a page that handles a route with date params and the page itself contains a date selector that essentially filters data for the page, however, it also updates the route to reflect the selected date. For example: the same page would handle the following routes:


Every time a date selection is made, the page is re-constructed, which I hope to avoid by trying to have the page implement Angular2’s CanReuse interface and then overriding the routerCanReuse to return true. Doing this appears to break navigation, but there is no error in the console. Any ideas? I’m currently using ionic2 beta 6.



Just a quick follow up on this; I solved this by using history.pushState (to update the browser location bar) instead of a router.navigate with an updated url and refactoring how data is being pulled with this change. Seems to be working, so far.