Using Camera Without User Interaction

I’m trying to make a game camera for Android and I’d love to use ionic as the interface. I found this article. It’s seems to me like this will NOT let you take a picture without interaction. Can anyone confirm? It seems like it requires either snapping a picture on the cam or selecting from a photo library. I’d like to put my camera out in the woods, set some time interval, take pictures and do some motion detection in javascript, and then save off any images where there is motion, but it seems the above link would require user interaction each time.

After some research for my own project, I found out you have to use WebRTC.

Unfortunately, current Cordova In-App-Browser doesn’t support WebRTC, so you have to use Crosswalk project (You can integrate it with your existing Cordova project)

If there is another way, I’m glad to hear it, too.

This is a pretty old thread, is there any way now to take an image from the camera without user intervention?