Using an httpClient response

Hi All,
I am new to ionic 3 and I am facing the problem of using an httpclient response given by remote server.
This is my code:
.map(response => { = response;

In upper console.log function I am getting the correct data but in lower console.log function , I am getting just an empty array. Please help me

http.get() is asynchronous, so you have to wait for its execution to be able to get the response.

I would suggest:

async getCategoryDetail(id) {
  return await this.http.get(this.baseUrl+'categories/'+id).toPromise();

Your getCategoryDetail() method will then return a Promise instead of the data, so the caller will also have to wait for the promise to be resolved.

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It is because , HTTP GET request is in async , and before getting response from api, you are accessing, which is definatety not set yet.
Try this flow

// Will return Observable
getCategoryDetail(id) {
  return this.http.get(this.baseUrl+‘categories/’+id);

// Subscribe that Observable then
this.getCategoryDetail(id).subscribe((response) => { = response;


Thanks for your immediate response. That work good