Using a toggle button inside side menu

I have created a sideMenu and one of the item inside it has a text on left, and a toggle (checkbox) on the right. Menu item is linked to a view, which has a list of items. Toggle is like a button, which allow user to clear the list, without having to go inside the view.

Earlier I had ‘menu-close’ attribute added to the menu item, so every time I click the toggle, it would change the value and close the side menu.

Now the issue is, after removing the ‘menu-close’ I can click on the toggle and menu stays open, but the menu-item link is not working. I have tried setting ng-click and href. If I set href, the item navigates to new view even if I click on toggle.

How can make sure that if I click on toggle it changes, and when I click on item it navigates to view?