User-select with Ionic Refresh on the page

We noticed a little “bug” on iOS in regards to the combination of allowing the user to select text and having the IonRefresh component enabled.

If you’re at the top of the page and select text then start to drag, it’s very easy for it to also start pulling the page to initiate the IonRefresh component and causes the select box to jump all over the place. If I scroll down to where moving my thumb down doesn’t trigger the IonRefresh, selecting text works perfectly fine.

Does anybody have ideas on what we can do to avoid that? My first thought was giving the component a v-if="!selectingText()" but I guess Ionic is also not clearing the window selection when I tap off of selected text so that would just break the Refresh component as soon as you select any text.

Any ideas on what we can do? Short of removing the refresher from the pages?