User aunthentication using json


I have been trying to create a user authentication using a json file…Is it possible or I will hav e to use MySql Lite?


When you say creating authentication using a json file, do you mean, using a local json file on the app or one hosted on a remote server?

I also assume by “Mysql lite” you mean SQLite?


a local json file on the app…yes my mistake i meant sqlite


Yeah it’s possible, not necessarily recommended, but possible if you’re not too fussed about the information the authentication is “protecting”. You could do something as simple as comparing a variable to a string if(login.password == "password").

Can you go in to a bit more detail about why you want to authenticate locally and what information you’re protecting?

Edit: As a general rule, I treat all Cordova apps as if they are open source. If someone wanted to, they could easily see all of the source code and even manipulate it to override the local authentication method you’re using.

I treat apps as vessels that CAN download sensitive information, but I’d never include this data in the app build and hope no one looks at it.


I am trying to create a multiple input search box like a user enters multiple input data on different input bars but on the same page and then the application uses the combination of the input data and compares for matching information in the json file and outputs the matching data on a list view.

So i was trying to use the same login concept for the multiple input search bars but if you still how to do it you can still help me with that.