Use SecureStorage inside ngOnInit not working on first time

When I try to use the SecureStorage plugin in ngOnInit on iOS (device + simulator) the statement after getting the promise back is only executed after I resume the app, so not on the first time. So the alert is only fired after the app is resumed. Any know how to fix this?

Example code:

ngOnInit() {
  this.platform.ready().then(() => {
        this.secureStorage.create('authentication').then((sStorage: SecureStorageObject) => {
            data => alert(data),
            error => {alert(error); this.showLoginPage = true;}
          error => alert(error);

I remember multiple posts about similar problems (native code only being executed after leaving, deactivating, resuming the app). Unfortunately I don’t remember if there was a solution and what it was. You might want to use the search function.

(Does it already work when you pull the settings menu up from the bottom or the notification screen from the top?)