Use plug-ins in a Deploy that were not part of the App Store binary?


From what I understand, Cordova plug-ins have a JS side and a platform-dependent side in ObjC, Java or whatever Windows Phone uses.

Do I understand correctly that I could never, after my initial App Store release, add Cordova plug-ins to use some new functionality and release that through Ionic Deploy? Since only the JS side of any added plug-ins would be transported, which would then try to talk to APIs not present in the native side of the app (which would be a then outdated binary from the Store) ?

If I have understood correctly, I feel like this caveat to using Ionic Deploy (vs using app store releases) should be addressed in the Ionic Deploy docs.

Exactly. Deploy can only alter the JavaScript side. There isn’t a way to add plugin support because they have to be compiled in. Deploy will be awesome for things like bug fixes, even activating new features. If you have a larger update you would have to go through the app stores.

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Loud and clear. Would be good if this was clearly stated though in the Ionic Deploy introduction.

I’m sure a lot of that will be revised, it’s still in a very beta stage.