Use of Smartsync with Salesforce


I have created a salesforce app using ionic-salesforce starter app.
I want to add offline functionality using SmartSync or any other method.
I tried to integrate smartsync with angular(ionic) but it was in vain . Please if anyone has implemented smartsync with angular specifically with ionic HELP !!!

Hi, sorry only just seen this topic as I was hunting for some other salesforce help.
Have you seen MobileCaddy? They have tools specifically for dealing with Saleforce and offline.

  • disclaimer: I work for them.

sure will look into it, thx.

@Sudhindrra_C were you able to get this working?

@gsanjeevkumar No for MobileCaddy but I did looked for other options and went for Salesforce SDK. I used backbone and salesforce libraries directly into ionic app. Follow their mobile sdk guide carefully though.

All of the steps are mentioned in the SDK guide.