Use Infinite Scroll with table

Hello everybody,

I’m using a table to display data that i retrieve from a server.

I’d like to use infinite scroll with that table instead of a list.

The table looks like that :


      <ion-view view-title="Test" on-swipe-right="swipeRight()">
        <ion-content padding="true">

          <table width="100%" class="table table-striped">
                    <th ng-show="col1">Date</th>
                    <th ng-show="col2">NE</th>
                    <th ng-show="col3">Cmd</th>
                  <tr ng-repeat="x in names">
                    <td ng-show="col1">{{x.data1}}</td>
                    <td ng-show="col2">{{x.data2}}</td>
                    <td ng-show="col3">{{x.data3}}</td>


Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance for answer

Try it before asking?

But it should work.
The infinite-scroll connects with the current scrollView (your ion-content) and if you are at the bottom or nearly at the bottom of your ion-content -> the infinite scroll gets called.

Hi bengtler,

If I ask, it is, of course, after tried it.

It didn’t work. It got all elements, then I got the picture of charging elements (the running circle)

EDIT : did a mistake, corrected and adapted the code. It works.
Bengtler --> Thank you for your precision about the scrollview.