Use diferent global per page

I ionicals, how are you doing? I am kinda new in this family, so sorry for eventually noob mistakes.

I have an e-commerce app that i am developing, and i have the top and bottom menu in global, so the menu is the same for each page i create.
The problem is that the top menu have a menu button that is available in every page, but i want to be available only in home and leaving the page home change to a button coming back to to the previous page. How to i change the global everytime i leave home page so i can put the arrow?
For the arrow i do a function with previous page i suppose, but to change the icon menu for the arrow i dont know.

<ion-buttons slot="start">
    <ion-back-button (click)="goBack">Go back</ion-back-button>

As you can see, the first page is home, and the second is a random page, in the second i have to be able to go back home.

P.S without using the button home offcourse since some pages have to start all process again


I think what u r describing can be achieved using ion-nav

Maybe check the docs

Btw, r u optinh for angular? Then maybe do the tour of hero tutorial on

In the angular world people generally do not use global ad a concept so I suspect grasping some basics and jargon can be useful

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