Use collection repeat in web app


I am using Ionic for my company’s hybrid app, and we abuse the crap out of the collection repeat functionality (we sometimes end up with lists to be rendered and two way binded with 10s of thousands of items in them).

We are in the process of making a web version that can run on a desktop browser, and cannot find the same functionality in any existing packages (one comes close, but it looks too much like a spreadsheet, and not like, say, a feed. We looked at ripping it apart but it relies on it’s table format a bit more than we are comfortable ripping out unless we really have to).

So, the question is, what would be the best way to go about porting over the functionality to use on a regular desktop?

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!

Angular Material has something called Virtual Repeat which sounds close to collection repeat. It might work in your use case: