Use (any) cloud service as file storage (and get http link)


I’ve been searching and searching, but can’t find anything related to what I want.
I have an Ionic2 App where I can create Cooking Recipes, those recipes can have many photos.

Everything will then by synced within the server.

About the photos, to save server space, and reduce costs, the idea is that the user configures / uses a cloud service, that he probably already have configured in the phone, like dropbox, google drive, iCloud.

Basically, when it chooses to take or select a picture, it will be saved within one of those services and I will get then a link to that image. Then, when syncing I will use that link instead of sending the picture encoded in base64, or send the file to my server.

Is there any plugin to do this?
Is this possible with ionic?

I’m aware that the “shared folder” needs to be synced before, so I can get the link prior to sending the info to my server.

I’ve not found any plugin that, at least, interact with those services.
I will try to look at some file pickers / choosers that might ask what app we want to use when loading a picture, but I have no idea of the behavior.

If any of you have any hints on this, I would really appreciate.
Many thanks in advance.