Use a variable from firebase type any

Hello, I am not so good describing everything but hope you understand my issue.
I returned from firebase an array of items, below is the code, but I want to create an array from a specific variable from respuestas with a for, but when I type: this.respuestas.item, it says: Property ‘item’ does not exist on type ‘Respuestas

Thank you

Below is the code on how I get the items from my service.ts from firebase:

respuestas: Respuestas;

getRespuestas(): void {
this.examenService.getRespuestas().subscribe((suceso: Respuestas) => {
this.respuestas = suceso.filter((respuestas: Respuestas) => {
return respuestas;



Let’s pretend a Respuesta is a student in a classroom, and their item is their name. Now imagine you are addressing a full class of students, and you ask it what its name is. You’re going to get a cacophony of 20 different answers.

Now, you write:

Do you want a classroom with just one student in it, or do you just want one student, independent of any classroom?

I want to get the full list of names “item” so I can save them in an array, but I already got them from firebase, they print on my html and everything fine