Urgent help build ios

Hi community, I am having the following problem: When running my application on my device everything works great, now wanted to upload it and try to generate the ipa, I take a great surprise me throw the following:


That libUAirship me errors cause, I searched how to fix it but I could not remove that plugin and threw errors, I put it as optional and it worked, I think it has something to do with Push Notifications, because it out and it worked I failed notifications, some fix? This problem is urgent.

When creating your provisioning profile from apple developer account you need to make sure that you allow push notifications on it

See here in step 6 you have option to select push notifications: http://quickblox.com/developers/How_to_create_APNS_certificates

That I already had set up and everything worked fine when probama my app, when generating the .ipa failure.