[urgent] apple reject my app


I upload my app to apple store, but still not successful.
last time apple reject my app and say my app crashed when review on iPad running iOS 8.1.2
but I run my iPad3(8.1.2) is work
I don’t know why

apple reject result

From Apple
2.10 - iPhone Apps must also run on iPad without modification, at iPhone resolution, and at 2X iPhone 3GS resolution
2.10 Details

Your app crashed when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.1.2 when we:


Next Steps

Please review your app on an iPad to ensure that it runs without crashing. Also, please follow the steps to reproduce the issue when running your app on iPad configured for real world use.

For new apps, uninstall all previous versions of your app from a device, then install and follow the steps to reproduce. For updates, install the new version as an update to the previous version, then install and follow the steps to reproduce.

Have you followed and tried to reproduce the error they talking about ?

Is your iPad jailbroken by any chance?

Can you set up your app on TestFlight via iTunes Connect and let other people test it on their iPads?

to Cmaden,
Yes, i followed and tried to reproduce not error, so i don’t know how to do.

if you can’t recreate it you can dispute it in the itunes and ask for specific explanation.

Cause when I submitted my app, it first got rejected but when I challenged them they could evidence there finds so they have accepted it