Uploading default image to Parse from Ionic


Hi guys,

I have an app that lets users sign up. Whenever a user signs up, I want to upload a default avatar image for them on Parse. I’m currently trying to do this using parse cloud code.

Parse.Cloud.beforeSave("Profile", function(request, response) {
  if (!request.object.get("photo")) {
  	var pic = 
       "name": request.object.get("phone") + '-avatar',
       "__type": "File",
       "url": 'http://files.parsetfss.com/1ad00c84-7830-427f-ac8d-d4459361b5ce/tfss-905a97f8-9505-4ab1-aabc-5c3aef44cd35-avartar.jpeg'
    request.object.set("photo", pic);


And here is the code where the user is being signed up:

user.signUp(null, {
      success: function (user) {
        var Profiles = Parse.Object.extend("Profiles");
        var newProfile = new Profiles();
        $window.localStorage['user'] = JSON.stringify(user);
        newProfile.set("userid", user.id);
        newProfile.set("fullname", $scope.credentials.fullname);
        newProfile.set("shortBio", $scope.credentials.shortBio);
        newProfile.set("phone", $scope.credentials.phone);
        newProfile.set("settings", $scope.settings);
        newProfile.set("fhomies", $scope.credentials.fhomies);
        newProfile.set("favorites", $scope.credentials.favorites);
        newProfile.set("reservations", $scope.credentials.reservations);
        newProfile.set("userdetails", user);
        // var file = '../img/profile-avatar.jpeg';
        // var avatar = new Parse.File(user.id + ' avatar', {base64: ''});
        // console.log(avatar);
        // newProfile.set("photo", avatar);

        newProfile.save(null, newProfile).then(function (profile) {
          $window.localStorage['userprofile'] = JSON.stringify(profile);

          $scope.loading = false;
        }, function (error) {
          $scope.loading = false;
            title: 'Oops!',
            template: 'There was a problem creating your profile details'
      error: function (user, error) {
        $scope.loading = false;
          title: 'Oops!',
          template: 'Error: ' + ' Something Went Wrong, Try again '

This method does not upload the avatar image to parse. I cant figure out what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m using beforeSave wrongly or I’m missing some save parameters.

Thanks for your help.