Uploadcare widget facebook authentication opens in a browser and not inside the app

Hi Team,

I have an issue here… All I am doing is using ngx-uploadcare-widget in my app. This widget allows to share and upload photos from different platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, dropbox and so on.
The moment I click on any of these say for example I click on connect via facebook it opens up a mobile browser and after I click on allow it doesnot redirect to the app, so I thought I should open it in the in app browser so that it opens up in the app. But not sure on how to watch on external links because the moment I click on the upload and image via uploadcare button inside the app it opens up a widget which I do not have access to. All I want to do is to learn a method on opening all the external links clicked on the ionic app to open it in InappBrowser and not on mobile browser.

Fyi: (This is the widget that i am using https://uploadcare.com/ and the package name is ngx-uploadcare-widget)

Can someone please help me in resolving this??

Thanks a ton in advance!

Can someone please check this…

All that I am trying to look for is to open any external link via In app browser. Since I do not have a control on the widget html I am unable to configure it. so wondering if there is a way that I can monitor dynamic links and open it in app rather then allowing to open a new browser window outside the app.
Below is the widget which opens up inside the ionic app but when I click on social sharing (fb,drive,google,instagram and dropbox it opens up the auth window in a browser outside the app :frowning: and after auth is done it does not redirect to app. Requesting to please help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Anyone has a solution to this issue?? My question in one line

HOW TO OPEN ALL LINKS (Including third party iframe - href clicks) INSIDE IONIC APP IN "INAPPBROWSER"

I am struggling to find a solution for this issue mentioned in https://github.com/uploadcare/ngx-uploadcare-widget/issues/16

IONIC Team: Please please help me :frowning: