Updated app and now have errors

have updated a running ionic2+ app with the following
npm install ionic cordova
npm install firebase angularfire2
npm install
now am getting problems with polyfills and firebase and basically the app opens the front login page and that’s it…internal server errors from then on.

This happened once before and I had to create a new blank app and copy all the code across for the app to work…really don’t want to do it again…have followed all the advice on posts re updating plugs but nothing seems to work.

Is there a consistent way of updating an Ionic2+ app that doesn’t involve all the convoluted install/update/uninstall/etc/etc to get it to work again??

None of that updates an Ionic app, this all only updates some libraries.

Sorry…got ahead of myself…
npm i -g npm@latest
npm i -g ionic cordova

Found the problem(s)…breaking updates in libraries.

That as well only updates CLIs.
Ionic Framework is ionic-angular in your package.json.

But great you could fix it.