Update app that exists in Play/App Store

Hi guys, so I will be publishing my app to play and app store for the next few days. I am still confused and lost as I found no tutorials nor courses on how to UPDATE OUR APP in play or app store if we add new features into our app.

Hence, anyone can explain to me how to update an existing app on play and app store?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the dumb question.

Thats a quite easy process. After you build the new Version:

Apple: Distribute the App via XCode directly to AppStoreConnect. In the Connect Console you can see the Build then and a new Version “in Progress”. If you don’t see it there you can create it. Then you can enter Information about what changes etc. and submit to review.

Google Play:
Build the Apk, Open Google Play Console, Create new Release, Enter Information and upload the Apk. Also submit to review then.