Unread notifications

Hello everybody,
is there a method that allows you to keep all the unread notifications?

What do you mean by “keep all the unread notifications”? Push notifications? How do you define “unread”?

Yes I mean push notifications.
Unread as I did not opened, I did not read, like on facebook when you have that little badge on the world-icon, how can I implement an in-app notification history and discrimanate between notifications that I’ve already seen and new notifications?


Push notifications are on the system level, they just get removed by opening the app.
Facebook notifications are in their app, so the app knows if you really were at the destination the notification will direct you. They also use push notification to let you know that there is something new in the app, but that’s different.

So if you really want to track which one was “opened” you have to track a list of “notifications” in your app and mark them as seen manually.


I would like to keep all the unread notifications, is it poosible ?

The problem is that when I close my app, all the history of notifications is cleared.