Unlocked content after sharing with FB plugin


Anyone know any plugin that can allow us to unlocked content after social sharing with Facebook publicly.
There is a cordova plugin https://github.com/EddyVerbruggen/SocialSharing-PhoneGap-Plugin but it does not allow unlocked if the user shared.

Any ideas?

If you don’t get a better answer: Many of these “unlock” plugins you see for web don’t really check if it was actually shared but only if the user used the UI to share…

Hi Sujan12,

I still searching for a right way to do this.
most of the tutorials is just FB login or basic social sharing.
I guess I think if FB is shared, there is a callback so that we know the shared happened will so that a content unlocked will do, correct?

what i wish for the feature is

  1. share FB, Google + or Twitter
  2. share to public with #abc is confirmed
  3. unlocked the content/feature

As I wrote: I don’t know. Looking how it is often implemented, maybe there is no real “success, I shared” callback and that’s why many solutions don’t check if there was actually posted something.