Unknown error code during application install 505 on Android Lollipop

Hello guys,

I am developing an application for android. I’ve been testing it in my device several times. Now we have uploaded it to the Google Play Store in Beta and when I try to install it I get the following error on my device with Android 5.0.1

unknown error code during application install 505

The problem, as far as I understood, is that 2 different applications with the same name are requesting permissions, and that creates a conflict in my phone.

This answer from stackoverflow seems to have interesting insight, but unfortunately I dont really know what to do with it, I never developped for Android before.

Could you give a clue on what to do next?
Do I have to edit any of the AndroidManifests in my code as suggested by the accepted answer? Which one? Do I need to republish that afterwards? Wouldn’t that create a new conflict eventually?

I tried running

adb uninstall com.MYAPPNAME


adb uninstall com.MYAPPNAME.app.permission.C2D_MESSAGE

from the command line in the directory if the ionic project but all I got was a


error message

Thank you very much!

Ok, what worked for me is a combination of this two posts:

I can be summarised this way:

  1. settings and the list of all the applications installed.
  2. there I found my app and removed its cache, data and then uninstalled it
  3. then search for the Google Play Store and erased its cache
  4. I tried installing the app again, and received this error you cannot install this app because another user has already installed an incompatible version on this device
  5. Go to settings > apps > downloaded app list
  6. You can see the installed applications in the list (the application may not be in order. or may be towards the very end)
  7. Click on the application, go to the overflow menu option
  8. Click on uninstall for all users options

When installing the android app on your device from the Google play store and see 505 error. Check out below given easy solution to fix error 505 on google play store in android phone.

1st Way: Check system update

2nd Way: Uninstall Play store update

3rd Way: Clear app cache of Play Store

We hope one of the above-given methods useful to fix the issue.