Unity as Library crashing on Android 9 (Ionic framework integration)

Hi guys, I’m sorry if this irrelevant but I’m really desperate on this.

I’m doing an app for watching VR content using Ionic Framework (for listing content) and Unity for the VR part following this topic [https://forum.unity.com/threads/integration-unity-as-a-library-in-native-android-app-version-2.751712/][1]

Everything went well for Android 10 as my testing device but the Unity part keep crashing on all Android 9 devices

I did check all the log from Unity and Android logcat but nothing useful appeared so I’m stuck on this.

Unity as Library is a super cool feature guys but I don’t see many topic relating to this or any updates from Unity. Hope it have more attentions and desperate to have a response for this problem as well :pensive: