Unique navigation within sub-pages?


Is there an easy way to have unique navigation within sub-pages?

For example, say on homepage, my nav has choice 1, choice 2.
If user clicks on choice 2, I’d to see the nav bar have choice 2a, choice 2b, and back (to return to the homepage.

I see that the main nav is currently in app.module.ts, so I’m not sure where unique navigation to a subpage would go. Any ideas are appreciated.


You can put an <ion-navbar> in any page and throw buttons in it. So you could put the 2a/2b/2c buttons in the navbar of Page2.


Thanks. In this particular case I’d like to keep the same button on the page:

< button ion-button menuToggle >
< ion-icon name=“menu” >< /ion-icon >
< /button >

This slides open a menu of pages:

So I’m curious how I can add to the current nav stack… if I want to have a List2 page right under List for example, but only on a specific page.

I’m seeing some documentation relating to navPush()… wondering if that could be used for this portion.