Unique Device ID not working ionic 4

I am trying to use UniqueDeviceID from @ionic-native/unique-device-id, but I keep getting error “cannot find name UniquieDeviceID”. I have imported the UniquieDeviceID in app.module.js. And when I tried to change the name to UniquieDeviceIDOriginal i get a warning saying :
WARNING in ./src/app/service/authservices/authentication.service.ts
106:12-34 "export ‘UniqueDeviceIDOriginal’ was not found in ‘@ionic-native/unique-device-id’

How do I solve this?

which device you run this project like localhost or Emulator? if you run this project device in localhost doesn’t work device taken,please try it ,run your project in emulator or build .apk.

I tried running it in emulator and a android device. I don’t think this is the problem, i cannot compile the code when i include the ionic-native unique-deivce-id or device or uid or android-permissions. These all produce the error. Is this not still compatible with ionic 4?

its k i will try after.then i will give the solution.