Unexpected token when running ionic


when i try to run ionic, i got an unexpected token message, as you can see in my attachment.
i tried to un-install and re-install ionic but the problem remains.

everything was fine, but then my notebook auto shutdown because of over heat yesterday.
I’m unable to run ionic since then.

i also re-install nodejs, cordova.
perhaps anyone can point me what else should i try to fix this.




i deleted all associated directory and re-install all of them.



@arjunatantri Can you explain what you mean by all associated directories? I am having the same issue after my laptop crashed.



My notebook crashed because of overheating.
So I suspected some files were corrupted.
Then I deleted ionic instalation folder, cordova installation folder. I cant remember all the folders i deleted. And then re-install all of them.


@arjunatantri okay. thank you.