'Unexpected token <' Chartist (UTF-8 issue?)


Having a weird issue with every charting library I’m trying. Chrome keeps spitting out the error “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <”. I have the meta tag in my index.html file. Can’t seem to find the problem.

It has happened with libraries such as d3.js chartist.js and chart.js.

Thanks in advance.


There could be an error in your data which is used for chart.


Unfortunately not, I removed all chart code but am still getting this error.

Very unsure of what to do.


Figured it out.

Always make sure the files you download off of home-run blog sites actually what they say they are. I downloaded the library off of a tutorial and didn’t bother to check that it was current/correct.

Re-downloaded off of the github repo and we’re good to go.