Understanding the bundle system, any help?

I’m trying to understand the bundle system that uses ionic, as i can figure out it uses awesome-typescript-loader inside webpack to transpile the code to ES5, but there are a lot of options there that i don’t understand:

  1. The entry key in the exports is for requiring the dependencies from node_modules and the entry point in the app? am i right or does it do anything else?
  2. The resolve part is for setting some aliases to shorten some requires but what’s the extension part inside it?
  3. The module that contains the noParse and loaders part is the most weird, does noParse means that ones doesn’t get transpiled? why’s there 2 loaders for js? because the firs one is for the app and the second one is for the angular dependencies?
  4. When comparing to the Getting started part of the github page for the awesome-typescript-loader module the config options were smaller, what’s the reason for all that options?

I’m lost here, is there someone so kind to show me the path to ilumination?