Underscore in repertory name



I got problems when naming my repertories with an underscore in the name

My project becoming “big”, i now have multiple ionic modals/popups templates. So I thought it shoud be ok, to put them in a same repertory :

www/_modals/tpl1.html, www/_modals/tpl2.html, …

Ionic build + run android -l : ok

Ionic build + run android : not ok (www/_modals/tpl1.html not found : I looked in android assets and it was okay)

I renamed _modals to modals and rebuild/run and it magically worked. It seems _ breaks something.

is it a forbidden character?



I reply my own topic,

In fact, it’s _ as a first character which seems forbidden.

I ended up using 0_modals and now it’s ok :slight_smile: