Undefined symbols when calling a linked library class

I have a plugin that uses a 3rd party SDK written in objective-c. The file structure for the Library looks like this:

  • Library fodler

    • libraryfile.a

    • include folder

    * another folder
        * .h files

I’ve added a bridging header with [PluginName]-Bridging-Header.h that imports all the header files to my plugin.
I’ve added a Framework and Library dependency for the libraryfile.a in General
I’ve added the proper path to my bridging header to the Objective-C Bridging Header setting
I’ve updated my library search path to include the path to the Library folder

When I go to build my app in Xcode, I get undefined symbols err: _OBJC_CLASS_$_className from the main plugin file where I am attempting to use the class. I’ve poked around online and cannot find anything relevant to this error when its a coming from a static library? Has anyone ran into something like this before?