Uncaught Error: Type HomeMainPage is part of the declarations of 2 modules: Please consider moving HomeMainPage to a higher module that imports IonicModule and AppModule

You’ll need to import your components into your page module file.

Doesn’t work… components is just one case. Even with basic pages, same error…

Can you point a github repo for example that works so i can give it a fast look?

:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Thanks @SigmundFroyd

Hi just in case anyone else has this issue I had the same issue

I found the following caused an error


because I was using TABS I could use the following soluton…

import { HomePage } from ‘…/home/home’;

export class LoginPage {
HomePage : any = HomePage ;

then were you want to change page add


0 relates to the page index in the TABS menu ie 0,1,2,3,

I have the same problem,
Imagine u have create a new module he’s name is MyImaginyModule, in this module 2 new components
MyFirstComponent, and MySeconComponent
In our module MyImaginyModule.ts we find our two components (MyFirstComponent and MySeconComponent) in declaration like this :
declarations: [
If U need to use this module in another module, U must put this two components exports in our module ( MyImaginyModule )
exports: [
So in our module MyImaginyModule we have two components declared in declarations and exports,
We put our components in exports: [] when we need to use our logic of this module in another module.
In the final when u have to use our MyImaginyModule u have just to import it ur ur other module