Unable to use ionSlideWillChange IN REACT

Hi i cant use ionSlideWillChange, is not working. here is my code

<IonSlides ionSlideWillChange={()=>{}} id=“slides” pager={false}>

User Case

error :

Type ‘{ children: Element; ionSlideWillChange: () => void; id: string; pager: false; }’ is not assignable to type 'IntrinsicAttributes & Pick<IonSlides & ReactProps

<ion-slides #mySlider pager=“true” (ionSlidesDidLoad)=“slidesDidLoad(mySlider)” >

                        <ion-icon name="ios-key" class="custom-icon" ></ion-icon>
                      <ion-label text-center>Programmes</p>

paste your below code example.page.ts

slidesDidLoad(slides: IonSlides) {