Unable to Login into Ionic Creator


Hello, I’m on a MacBook Pro 13" Retina (late 2013 model), and can’t seem to click “Login” on https://creator.ionic.io/. The link is just not clickable and when I try to click around the area, I get sent to drifty’s main page (because of the logo beneath it)? I’ve tested this on Firefox, Chrome and Safari and it happens consistently.

As a workaround, what I’m doing at the moment is to click “Sign Up” first, then click Login from the signup page.

Thanks for the great work :)!


Same here, the login link brings me to the driffty web site.


They have a wrong link “Already a member? Log in” on this page http://creator.ionic.io/
Corrent link for logging in can be found here http://creator.ionic.io/app/signup
It is http://creator.ionic.io/app/login