Unable to initialize ionic project,

Unable to initialize ionic project,
Things seem to be going from bad to worse?
Original error message below,

I’m running the latest version of Cordova 3.5

  1. I manually set up plugman folder as suggested.

  2. I updated Java JDK

  3. updated ionic framework.

This is the current error message.

any ideas??

try this way in terminal

  1. sudo npm uninstall -g cordova
  2. sudo npm install -g cordova
  3. ionic start starterapp.

Hello thanks for the suggestion,
What ended up finally working for me.

  1. Move the android SDK from programs (86) to C:/user/name;
  2. Reconfigure my path.
    The final error I ended up seeing was a corrupted AVI or AVG ?
    (initiates emulator?)
  3. Reinstall SDK
    The Ionic program initiates the native android emulator, but it won’t fully load.
    However I’ve been able to get ionic to load and run on the Genymotion emulator!

If you’re using genymotion.
It’s npm ionic run android.
Not npm ionic emulate Android.

FYI for anyone else having a similar problem.
I think what was messing me up was The fact that I already had android studio and eclipse preinstalled peace meal.
If you can, I would suggest uninstalling android studio, sdk, eclipse.
And doing a clean reinstall as a bundle before attempting to initiate ionic.
Installing ionic can be a nightmare on windows.
If anyone’s listening from ionic.
It Would make people’s lives a lot easier if you guys put together a package with all dependencies which could be installed by npm?