Unable to get ion-input data from Child component to Parent Component after form submit

  1. This is my parent page :

let updateModel = this.modalCtrl.create(ProfileUpdatePage, {userCode: this.user_code, first_name: this.first_name, last_name: this.last_name, email: this.email, second_email: this.second_email, phone: this.phone, cell_number: this.cell_number, dob: this.dob, address: this.address});

Address Edit My Profile

// i want data to be present at this ion-input

  1. This is my Parent page -

public updateProfile(form: NgForm){
this.webservice.postDataJson({user_code: this.usercode, first_name : form.value.first_name, last_name: form.value.last_name, email_id2: form.value.email_id2, mobile_number2: form.value.mobile_number2, date_of_birth: form.value.date_of_birth, user_address: form.value.user_address, profile_image: ‘’}, ‘edit_profile’)
}, (err)=>{



Edit Your Profile

Please let me know for further details.