Unable to extend Ionicons properly

Hi all

Im trying to extend the ionicons library on my ionic 2 project…
I did exactly as the build instructions state at https://github.com/driftyco/ionicons and after long time I was able to build it without any problems.

Now the problem is that when displaying the new icon its looks weird:

As you can see the selected tab icon is weird…

BUT when looking at the cheatsheet.html the new icon looks fine.
The folder of the extended ionicons is near my project folder. So I changed the package.json to look for ionicons at ../ionicons and run npm install.

any ideas?

Are you using the 3.0 branch of ionicons?

@mhartington Yes… forgot to mention that :slight_smile:

@mhartington Is there any chance that this is related to the version of sass/svgo or any other of the tool builds?
Or Maybe fontforge Im on ubutntu and I installed it via apt-get and not brew

Would love to know if someone was able to extend ionicons and import it to an existing project.

@mhartington ? Have any idea?