Unable to edit template files

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I am currently on a Mac and I using brackets as my editor. Every time i attempt to make changes to a new the created project i am not abel to save the changes and receive an a permissions error. any help will be appreciated thanks.

Are you running ionic serve at the moment?
In general you never edit stuff in www, only src.

yes I am running ionic serve and I am unable to edit files in src. thanks for the reply. I pretty new to this framework.

Did you do anything with sudo when installing or creating or running the project?

Yes I sudo when installing should i have done something different

Hey thanks for pointing me in the right the direction. I created the project with out sudo mode and its ll good thanks for the hint. Some times all it takes is going back to basics


Yes, no sudo if you can avoid it. Using nvm to manage node will help achieving this.

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…and you absolutely can avoid it.

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