Unable to download android APK

Hi everyone,

I upgrade ionic pro to developer and create a new project based on previous development on old version of ionic.

I successfully build package for Android but I can’t download it. When I hit download button nothing happen. Does anyone have this issue?

Here is log file:

Total time: 2 mins 18.459 secs
Built the following apk(s):
$ cordova build android --release – --keystore=android.keystore --storePassword=***** --alias=XXXXX_prod --password=***** success
Uploading APK…
APK uploaded successfully!
Running after script…
$ run "clean-up"
Running Stage clean-up for Job: 5379811
Job succeeded

Ehm, sorry for this dumb question. I figured out that the problem is in safari which blocked pop-up window.

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