Ui-sref causing display issues in list w/ button


Hello- I am trying to make a small shopping app- and I am attempting to use a list to populate my products. I am attempting to link the list item to a “Product Information” page while also including a cart button to the right. There is a thumbnail of the product to the left. There is an H2 heading and price in the middle.

When I add the Button as a button- it is pushed below the text- however as long as the “ui-sref” is removed- it looks fine.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

<ion-list id="products-list14">
  <ion-item class= "item-thumbnail-left item-button-right"  ui-sref="menu.bathBomb">
    <h2dark>Bath Bomb</h2dark>
    <p>A bath Bomb<br><span>$45</span></p>
    <button class="button button-dark">
        <i style="color:#9ECF36;" class="icon ion-ios-cart "></i></button>