Ui-router slow down?

Hi there,

I saw your talk at ng-conf and saw in one the demos you guys were incorporating ui-router. Tried to ask you guys a question at the time but there wasn’t enough time.

Anyways, question is are you guys experiencing any slow down between state transitions? I ask this because I was using ui-router on a Cordova project and found that was getting 500ms+ wait times between state transitions.

I ended up giving up on ui-router at the time and started just using ng-show with elements on the DOM. I currently don’t have all that many elements so not experiencing any problems at the time with too many elements on the DOM. This switch to ng-show was a dramatic performance increase between ui-router.

Not sure if I was doing something silly, hopefully not! So, how is ui-router performing for you all?



Actually I haven’t experienced any issues with ui-router being slow. That’s not so say there could be an issue with large amounts of data, but overall I’ve been pretty happy with it.

Here’s a quick Ionic demo of the ui-router in action:

That demo is pretty slick.

I’ll have to give ui-router another go.


I have an issue with ui router for performance too for nested views.
I used to use “normal” views, and it worked fine. But then I tried to use nested views, and the method $state.go takes several seconds to perform.
Maybe it is the way my pages are build…I don’t know.

Apparently it occcurs when:

  • use an abstract state with a controller (“main”)
  • set a controller to a inherent nested view (“main.home”)

If I do a $state.go, it takes something like 1 min to route, and display correctly.

When I remove the controller from the child view, it works normally.

I think it’s more a ui router issue than ionic (when i say issue, it’s maybe my mistake ^^)

Did you find any work around? I am facing the same problem.
I set my menu.html as abstract :true and when I do $state.go(‘app.home’) it almost hangs up for 2 mins and then then changes its states. This state too hangs up! Any help?